Shocking Fact About Modimolle Mountain in Limpopo

No matter how intelligent human beings may become, and or progress in terms of Civilization: mythology will always play a big role in people’s lives. And sometimes it is even difficult for one to get rid of myths that govern one’s life. So, I will be telling my readers about one of the most well known myth in Limpopo. And that myth is that: Modimolle Mountain swallows people who climb it.

Modimolle loosely translated means the fore-father’s spirit has eaten.

Generation after generation, elders used to tell people from Modimolle area that they must never climb Modimolle Mountain, because they won’t return back, if they do. So the story was repeated until it was widely accepted that it is best not to climb the sacred mountain. The myth became internalized: and people just didn’t want to be the first person to be swallowed by a mountain.

However, in 2008 a young boy defied the old time myth and went on to climb the sacred Modimolle Mountain. And his parents went berserk when the heard that boy-boy decided to play hero with his life.

Malome Boy-Boy went on to climb the sacred mountain, and Boy-Boy is the only known person in the village’s long history to ascend the sacred mountain of Modimolle and return. However since Boy-Boy violated the age – old village rule he was never the same man when he returned after a week on the sacred mountain’s summit, the people at the village said.

For as long as everyone, including the village’s oldest citizens could remember, it had always been taboo for anyone to set foot on Modimolle. It was not even clear if there was indeed anyone except malome Boy Boy who in recent memory had dared defy this age-old rule.

Since Boy-Boy climbed the mountain no one has dared to repeat what Boy – Boy did, because people from Modimolle says he is now completely crazy. And now he act like an alien.

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