See These New Photos Of Uzalo’s “Mamlambo”

Gugu Gumede is a very talented actress who is best-known for her character as Mamlambo on Uzalo, on the show she plays the character of a woman in her 40’s but in reality she’s only approaching her 30’s. When someone can portray an older character so perfectly without viewers being suspicious, you just know that the person is very talented.

On the show we never get to see her best looks but in reality this talented actress serves us with some fabulous fashion goals. Every outfit she puts on always makes a statement and she looks even more beautiful in reality than on screens. Whether she rocks pants, jeans, skirts or dresses, Gugu Gumede knows how to dress up perfectly for her body type.

In a recent post she shared pictures of herself looking very dope in her stylish outfit, she posted her pictures on her Instagram account and her fans couldn’t help but go crazy over her current look. She looks dope right?

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