Mother Gave Birth To Baby Weighing 6.8kg (Photos)

This baby was born weighing in at twice the amount of an average newborn. It was confirmed that a baby was weighing 6.8kg.

This means that the new born’s weight is equivalent to a toddler’s weight. It was also confirmed that the mother gave birth through natural birth not C-section. People have been asking if the mother was okay and the mother seems to be perfectly fine.

Some were making fun of the baby saying This baby can go to crèche the next day and start looking for a job the following week.

Women go through a lot that they need to be appreciated and celebrated every time. They put their lives on risk to bring another life to this world.

True they should have done a C section man this baby is too big but she’ll heal after the stitches

Studies says it’s actually easier to push out a bigger baby than it is a smaller one. Just can’t imagine it though. Well done to this Mama.

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