Black Coffee Responds To Ex-wife Enhle Mbali’s Viral Hand Joke

After the popular week’s end where DJ ’s name was the conversation of the web media because of the video which was shared by his ex performer , he has responded with an image of what he was up to all through the head of the week when people were caught with talking about him. Enhle shared a video on her Instagram stories where she gave a prosthetic hand while on set for a best in class show, Blood Psalms.

In the picture Enhle making jokes told fans that she was chilling along with her “new man” before revealing that the hand was a prosthetic made by the show’s make-up division. While Enhle acknowledged she proposed no harm along with her post, she was left fuming over inhumane hand jokes that were leveled against her ex.

Doubtlessly the overall DJ wasn’t commonly moved by what people expected to state about his hand which he hurt a long time back. Taking to Twitter, he shared a photo of what his week’s end took after. Notwithstanding the very actuality that he didn’t explain much inside the engraving, the picture unquestionably shows how he and Euphonik were having an extraordinary bother all the haters.

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